Sam Boraie Leads The Development of Atlantic City

In Atlantic City, Sam Boraie has expanded his role with the development company as the main executive identifying new areas for developments to Atlantic City, which has finally seen some of the most important land in the city finally used for upscale real estate developments.

December 2016 was marked by Sam Boraie and other members of Boraie Development attending a successful groundbreaking event that saw one of the most infamous vacant lots in Atlantic City become the site of a new development that will change the face of the city for years to come. Sam Boraie was quick to point out the fact that no upscale real estate developments have been undertaken anywhere across Atlantic City or Atlantic County as a whole to rival the residential tower being created across 18 months by Boraie Development.

According to Bloomberg, Atlantic City has been struggling economically for a number of decades and Sam Boraie and Boraie Development have spent many years performing an economic turnaround of the New Jersey city of New Brunswick. The city was struggling with crime and a lack of development when Omar Boraie began his first development in the city in 1972; the company has now expanded with Sam Boraie playing an important role in identifying new locations for development, including the recently created residential and retail space of New Brunswick’s The Aspire.



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