Malcolm CasSelle Identifies The Future Of Online Trading

The movement and trading of assets from the digital arena have always been a difficult one for gamers as they often feel the cost and time spent building their list of assets does not leave them with any value in the real world. Malcolm CasSelle is looking to make a major change to the trading options and value of the digital world through his latest venture, the Worldwide Asset eXchange.


Among the major changes being made to the lives of many through the establishment of WAX is the ability to sell and trade in-game purchases which were held in games not previously offering marketplaces. Offering new marketplaces will bring about a major change in the way video game purchases are made and show the benefits of tokenizing video games over the last few years.


One of the already identified benefits of WAX is the fact every marketplace will be self-governed by members divided into guilds; the use of these guilds has highlighted the need for large amounts of paperwork held to ensure the provenance of each item offered for sale or trade on the platform.Guilds will be required to ensure the ownership of each item offered for sale or trade has been verified or the entire value of a guild will be lowered with its reputation tarnished for future trades.


The future of the video game industry has always been of concern for Malcolm CasSelle as he has played a major role in many ventures designed to bring a greater sense of community to those taking part in Online gaming. Not only is CasSelle President of the WAX brand but he has also been an executive willing to work on some of the top video game-based social media platforms of recent years.


After studying at MIT and Stanford for his Bachelors and Masters in Computer Science, Malcolm CasSelle entered the Online investing industry by becoming one of the first to claim a stake in Facebook and BitCoin. Malcolm CasSelle has been willing to extend his reach to companies and territories far from his home in the U.S. such as China where he headed the development of its Eastern China presence.


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