3 Weird Tricks To Pinpoint ‘Hot’ Stock In The Market By Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly is an expert on investment matters, having over two decades of experience in this industry where he has worked at almost every level of employment in money markets. Mr. Mampilly is a portfolio manager for major banks such as Bankers Trust, Deutsche Bank, ING, among other internationally recognized banks. He also invests in new companies with groundbreaking technological innovations to solve human pains.

His career included managing over $23 billion mutual funds and a $l billion hedge funds that received world bests hedge fund in 2008 by Barron.

After retiring from finance jobs, he never downed his tools fully. Mampilly now owns a fast-growing investment newsletter, Profits Unlimited, which hit over 60,000 subscribers recently. Here, Mampilly uses his two decades experience in Wall Street to impart investment knowledge to his readers.

As part of this goal, Paul Mampilly sends out a comprehensive newsletter on a monthly basis, where he recommends to his subscribers stocks to invest in. Besides this, he also helps them stay on track through monitoring of how the stock is performing.

Mr. Mampilly is also the senior editor at The Sovereign Society (now known as Banyan Hill) where he joined in 2016, and he specializes in helping Main Street Americans be financially free through investing in technology, stocks, and other viable opportunities through the publication of Profit Unlimited.

Through his knowledge, research and networking, Mampilly can pinpoint stocks in the market that have high probability of going up due to;

Wall street manipulations or even through human error in pricing.

Company not being aware of opportunities it has but only the experts and early investors notice.

A company using technology to solve a problem that affects a lot of people.

Mr. Mampilly shares these and more insights with his readers. Due to his exemplary investment genius, he won Templeton Foundation award in 2009, for turning an investment of $55 million into $88 million.

He believes that technological innovations will reform our ways of life by generating more investment opportunities where you can make a lot of money if you know when to buy them. Through his reader’s reviews, Mr. Mampilly has positively impacted their lives; with most of them reporting profitable portfolios.

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