Adam Milstein Discusses how Isreali-Americans are Impacting Jewish Life in America for the Good

Adam Milstein is one of the most influential Jews in the world today. The Jerusalem Post recently called him one of the top 50 most influential Jews due to his activism, philanthropy and outreach to the Jewish and non-Jewish community alike. He currently calls California his home and works as a real estate investor. Mr. Milstein contributes to publications such as the Jerusalem Post and Huffington Post. Below is a summary of one of his contributions that was displayed on the Huffington Post about how Israeli Americans are changing the Jewish culture and life in the USA.

Israeli-Americans are bringing the Hebrew language and networking opportunities to students in college through programs such as Eitnam, Dor Chadesh, Mishelanu and BINA. By teaching the younger generation Hebrew, they can become closer to the language and culture of their forefathers. It also allows them to connect with Israeli entrepreneurs and businesses and to better understand Israeli culture. All of this translates into a closer connection with their Jewish roots and being more closely connected to the country of Israel. These programs also teach students leadership, a second language and foster cooperation and networking that can lead to employment and innovation later down the road. Clearly this is a positive initiative that is being led by Israeli-Americans such as Adam Milstein.

Another way that Israeli-Americans are impacting American Jewish life is by bringing Israeliness to all the different Jewish groups residing in the United States. Israeliness is defined by Adam Milstein as the Israeli culture, Jewish values, Judaism as a faith, the Hebrew Language and the history of the Jewish people and their traditions. Israeli-Americans through groups such as the IAC are sharing their Israeliness with all Jews now in places such as community centers and at festivals.

It does not matter now, whether one is religious or not, part of a temple or synagogue or whether they are familiar with the Jewish history or Hebrew language. Isreali-Americans engage with all of these Jewish groups to promote Jewish values and instill pride of Jewish background among Jewish Americans. The Israeli-American group is also leading the way for a revivial of Hebrew teaching and learning in the United States in places of worship, at home, schools and community centers.


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