How PSI Pay is Changing the World of Fintech

The fastest growing industry, fintech is being changed by PSI Pay. The innovative technology developed and utilized this company is changing the way money is exchanged. Innovative is the word of the day for PSI Pay. Consumers and businesses alike are able to use the services that they offer. The focus is on easy to use applications as well as websites to make the transfer of funds and making payments easier than ever. Additionally, payments can be taken using cell phones anywhere in the world.


Along with applications and websites comes the invention of wearable devices as well. These are all designed for the convenience of all who wish to make payments fast and easy. This US-based company has quickly changed the perception of banking and how the exchange of funds should occur. On the heels of these developments comes more from big data and artificial intelligence, making it one of the most interesting times to become a part of the fintech industry.


Phil Davies, having taken over as the Managing Director, also knows that more is coming with the help of PSI-Pay in the future. During the time Davies took over, he was thrown into the duty of pulling a stagnant company. It would take much effort to energize the workforce there in order to bring stability to the company as they continue to go through multiple transitions. A few of the goals would be to investigate their processes and evaluate their effectiveness.


Another aspect of this role for Davies was to improve upon the workplace and how the employees would function within the company. This included creating a space that is more welcoming for employees as well as to improve employee benefits. Overall, the task that Davies has before him is to invigorate the company culture.


Davis is a welcome addition to PSI-Pay, due in part to his experience in fintech prior to his time coming on board with the company. He believes that it will simple for consumers to embrace the changes coming with handling money and how payment processing will be conducted.

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