Sustainability and technology at OSI Industries

Production of processed foods is not an easy affair since there is a lot that needs to be done for the company to get its operations in line. This industry needs to be left to companies which can meet the highest started of health safety as well as environmental protection. One needs to be sure that whatever they are buying from the shop a processed food is of the right quality and safe for human consumption. If you would like to enjoy products from a company that cares about your safety, then look for OSI Industries products. These products will not disappoint. They are prepared with the customer in mind. They are highly nutritious and easy to prepare.

Embracing technology

One of the reasons why OSI Industries has benefited from the foods industry is the manner through which it has taken its food production business. Since the 1960s when the company started landing good supply deal from the McDonald’s. It has to look for ways of making their businesses effective through technology. There was a huge demand for its products from the McDonald’s, but unfortunately, they had to transport their products to far distances. This forced them to look for food preservation technologies. Luckily for the company, the nitrogen liquid preservation technology had just been introduced, and it helped them transport their products.

Since then, OSI Industries has continued embracing technological innovations throughout and making sure that they get best results through the adoption. Even in recent times, the company has done a great job through the adoption of recent technologies. They are the drivers of growth in the company currently. There is a lot that is going on with the development of this company, and we are likely to see the industry take a different twist as we go forward.


Sustainable production methods are the goal of many companies. All businesses want to reduce the operational costs as well as preserve the environment. One way to accomplish these goals is by employing sustainable methods of production. OSI Industries has a special focus on sustainable production methods. This company is trying as much as possible to adopt measures that will lead to success in its business endeavors. The company has embraced sustainable methods in all its recent projects. A good example is the expansion of the Toledo plant where the company has expanded its plant and has also installed an energy efficient system. Total energy consumption from the plant has dropped by 20 percent.

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