Doe Deere’s Transition Into Lime Crime

Doe Deere, “The Queen of Unicorns“, makes a success run with her cosmetic brand, Lime Crime. The ambitious, Russian born, but now American native for 19 years, started her entrepreneurial career in music, where she would learn many valuable life and marketing lesson, those in which have been keen in the transformation process that has taken her to the beautiful beauty mogul that she is today.

Started her entrepreneurial career in Russia, selling temporary tattoos, Doe Deere came into the United States in 1998, residing in Manhatten and Brooklyn, New York where she would pursue a music career with the band, Sky Salt. While in all, she meets her husband, Mark Deere, build an outstanding working relationship with him and later, not only become his wife, but take him along as a business partner for the brand.

Doe Deere, is renown for her inspirational influence on the younger women of our world. Advising younger women to follow their hearts! Offering the following inspiration: “I believe that every person has something special about them – some kind of unique skill or quality that only they have in the world ( She is an avid supporter for those girls who feels that they are alone. She encourages that younger women must realize that they are a part of the universe, like everyone else, and that they must follow their heart to find those who are like them. Learn more:

The Lime Crime company started with a simple idea. This idea was to produce bright colored make-up during a time of beige glossy make-up popularity. Surprisingly, many women liked the idea, bought into it and the Live Crime company was born. This make-up, not only provided bright make-up colors, but the freedom for wearers to be themselves without the fear that they would be judged.

Doe Deer has an educational background in fashion. Attended FIT in New York, majoring in fashion design. She combines the ideas of fashion and make-up as both are representations of who we are by what we choose for our body outfits(various forms of make-up and fashionable items).

The trend setting, blue unicorn, Lime Crime brand, offers nothing but quality, and admirable products that captivates and endures. Make-up, lipstick, nail polish, eye shadow and more, all offered at incredible prices for the level of quality and attractiveness received. Worn by your favorite celebrities, such as Lauren Conrad, Taryn Manning and Katy Perry! Learn more:

If you’re looking for trendy, quality and fabulous beauty products from a innovative, brave and influential brand, Lime Crime by Doe Deer is your golden ticket to opportunity. Try the Unicorn lipstick! Has an immaculate metallic look and smells like cupcakes (Comes in 7 different colors). Go to your next party, shopping date or luncheon, showcasing uniquely tasteful added beauty offered by Lime Crime. Twenty percent discounts available to students!

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