Drew Madden Interprets Companies Health Care Purchases as Opportunities for Consumer Progression

With the proposal by CVS Pharmacy to purchase Aetna Healthcare for $69 billion, the deal has created speculation about Amazon. If the CVS-Aetna transaction goes through, it will combine one of the largest health care companies in the industry with a pharmacy chain that has become a fixture within many communities across the nation.


The correlation between the CVS-Aetna purchase and Amazon’s recent pharmaceutical license purchase for medical equipment is a connection that brings to light very significant findings within health care. Amazon’s continued expansion is a real threat to CVS and other large pharmacies which forces them to compete. The pivot by CVS to combine their assets with a company like Aetna is a clear indication of a preemptive defense tactic against Amazon. In fact, in addition to the merger, CVS has already implemented a nationwide next-day home delivery of prescriptions to customers as a conceivable signal to Amazon.


The strategic moves by Amazon and CVS are creating a consumer ownership in a way that almost appears as if it’s a consensus among retail giants to take charge of the consumer’s health. With the purchase of MinuteClinic by CVS to pivot patients with health care needs and Amazon’s widespread delivery system that has dominated the online market, there is a “consumerization” that is happening. See This Article for additional information


The moves by both companies will bring the resources to consumers for health care decisions to be made more easily and more accommodating. The technology that is available to bring abundant choices and wider availability is an astounding opportunity for consumers to live healthier and have a greater chance for longevity.


As a Healthcare IT entrepreneur, Drew Madden has collaborated with the world’s most-leading health care companies. His passion for bringing high-caliber teams together in order to achieve technological advancements to the health care industry is the reason he’s been able to development innovative changes. Drew is most passionate about optimizing electronic medical records. He worked with OptumInsigh t- formerly Ingenix– a subsidiary of United Healthcare as a lead consultant. Drew holds a B.S.E. from the Iowa College of Engineering.


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