Drew Madden Watches Battles Like CVS Vs Amazon

Some were shocked and some were thrilled to hear that Amazon might be getting involved in the healthcare industry. There has long been speculation that this might happen, in fact there is a lot of speculation about all kinds of industries that Amazon might sink its teeth into. However, this time it looks like they are really going for it.


The mega-company has placed applications for licenses to sell pharmaceutical products in a number of different states on the table. While Amazon has still not officially entered that sector of the market, there seems to be little reason to put in all of those applications if they were not interested in doing so. This has raised eyebrows for industry leaders such as CVS.


CVS and Walgreens have remained largely unchallenged as the leaders of their particular niche industry. They have some token opposition from Rite Aid and other local drug stores, but for the most part these two have enjoyed a long ride as kings of the industry. Now, it seems that Amazon might want to disrupt all of that.


Drew Madden has seen these types of battles before. He is a healthcare IT entrepreneur who likes to spot trends in the industry before anyone else whenever he is able to. The sooner that he spots a trend and latches on to it, the more money he can make for himself and his partners. Beyond that, he also cares about creating collaborative workplaces and more streamlined healthcare for all people. Therefore, his intentions are not entirely self-interested.


This particular clash of the titans in the healthcare industry might in fact spur on a lot more growth and innovation. The thing about it is, there is a lot of money to be made in American healthcare. It is a nation that spends more than three times what the next closest nation does per patient on healthcare. Therefore, pharmaceuticals are really just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to making money in healthcare. Go To This Page for more information.


Drew Madden is one of the key figures who have made a difference in Healthcare IT industry. Over the years, his passion for Electronic Medical Records (EMR) has driven him to make a series of accomplishments in the health sector. Madden is a healthcare IT businessman who has previously led the largest Epic consulting company globally: Nordic Consulting Partners.


Given all of this, Drew Madden and others are watching and waiting to see what moves Amazon may make against the long-established giants of the industry.


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