Duda Melzer Success Journey

Currently sitting as the Chairman and President of RBS Group, Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer (eduardosirotskymelzer.com) is identified by many as Duda Melzer. His grandfather Mauricio Sirotsky was the founder of RBS Group, which is the largest media corporation in Southern Brazil. With time, the firm has grown and developed to the point of employing more than six thousand employees. One thing that has helped Duda to be in a position of running and working the family business is his drive to succeed and his education background.

He was once a student at the Pontifical Catholic University where he earned his degree in Business Administration and later furthered his studies and joined Harvard University to earn his MBA. After graduating, Melzer decided to venture into the family business, and his career began at Grupo RBS. While working there, he acted as the General Director for the state’s market and gradually rose to become the Vice President of Market and Business Development. As a VP, Eduardo was responsible for growing the firm’s dimension to become a national organization. With his good work and positive results, Duda rose to become the Executive VP, and his responsibilities included managing the firm’s operations in the communication field. He was also responsible for growing the company’s target market a job he did very well.

With what he has learned over the years, Duda is positive that he will steer RBS Group to the right direction, reports acaert.com. A company that is being led by an individual who is well experienced and qualified is bound to prosper. With the positions he has held over the years, he has sharpened his leadership skills that he now employs when governing the group. His work has been positive and acknowledged as he has won numerous accolades and awards that prove he does a good job. He trusts that in the near future, RBS Group will develop and expand under his leadership.


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