Fabletics Continues to Improve Their Memberships for Customers

Fabletics is launching a workout videos for customers that want to stick with a healthy and fit life style. These online workout will be part of their extended community and featured on blog called The Core. The videos feature workout partners every months from top studios that offer customers a chance to learn something new.


The Studios that will be featured are Physique 57, Body by Simone, and the Fitting Room. They made several fitness videos for customers that they can see through the lifestyle blog The Core. Each instructor will lead their customers through an exercise routine filmed in the Fabletics headquarters. These classes are free for VIP members and help show members how to burn calories and tone their bodies.


These exercise videos will only be available to VIP member who visit the site each month. The company knows its easy to sell to regular customers or previous ones. Videos and access to looking at new fashion is a way to get return customers to buy again. These company produces more sales from those that know this brand.


Fabletics produces classic workout outfits for women that are half the price of designer brands. This gives them a competitive edge that they have to stress. They have over one million VIP members in eight countries. They have opened about 18 brick and mortar stores too.


The online activewear category has increased in competition. With increasing competition Fabletics decided video workouts might help to entice customers to stay around. They wanted customers to get great activewear without paying designer prices. The membership offers perks to customers that keep them coming back to shop at the site and in the stores.


Every month they offer discounts on merchandise with free shipping to members with a chance to return items when not wanted. Members receive discounts merchandise, workout classes in certain cities, wellness retreats, massage,and juice brands.The membership is the way the company promotes and keeps customers coming back.


When you join the VIP membership program your credit card will be charged $49.95 monthly. This fee can be used to purchase merchandise monthly or you can skip the month by checking a box on the website and canceling the fee. Membership fees that were not used each can be used for purchasing merchandise the following month. Your can cancel your VIP membership anytime by calling customer service.

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