Fabletics Kate Hudson’s Dream

Kate Hudson wanted to open her own business, and she did so by completing a lot of research, and using her clothing designs to launch her company, Fabletics. The company has since become a success in only a few years. She is competing against big companies like Amazon.com, and she is able to hold her own creating her own nice in the big world of retail. Many people are happy for her success, and they want her to continue to do well long into the future.


She uses a technique that is called reverse showroom technique, and this utilizes the Internet for a lot of her marketing strategy. This is because she has a free online newsletter and club that women can join. The newsletter keeps them informed about what is happening her company, and when she will be putting out new designs. The club is something that women love to join because of the convenience it has to offer them. Every month, they receive some of her clothing items, and they purchase what they want, and send the rest back. This is so easy for them to do, and they don’t have to worry about spending money in gas, and wasting a lot of time shopping outside the home. The items come to them on a free basis, unless they decide to keep them.


It works for many women, and they are always interested in seeing the latest designs that she puts out on a regular basis. She loves to create items that the women will like and wear. She uses vibrant colors, and the clothing is easy to care for also.


With Fabletics being a huge success, Kate Hudson has decided to open up some more physical stores. These will use very little showroom space, but most of the women that will go in them will sign up for her free club so that they can enjoy the shopping at home experience. It all makes sense for all involved, and the stores should do very well. As she continues to do more and more for her company, we know that she will succeed even more, because she found something that women love to buy, and they are loyal to her as customers. They also like to purchase her items for gifts during the year, giving them to women that they know that might also like her designs.

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