Gregory J. Aziz Is In The Business Of Accomplishing Excellence In Rail Transport

As the saying goes, ”Leading people is like herding wild cats”, it is a difficult job. Greg Aziz seems to have perfected that art though and is successfully leading a team of two thousand employees in the quest to be the best railcar manufacturers. While most people work hard to leave their hometowns seeking greener pastures, James Aziz grew up in Hamilton and stayed behind to work in National Steel Car Limited, where he now heads as CEO.


Greg Aziz is an astute businessman that has excelled in the engineering field with only a major in economics. He has conquered the rail industry so much that National Steel Car Limited ranked among the best three manufacturers in the industry. He is a force to reckon with in the North American manufacturing sector and in the world in general.


While not many Americans still use railroads as passengers, freight railroads are very much in business as cargo continually needs to be moved and railroads are the preferred mode of transport. Greg Aziz knew this all too well and made it his mission to steer his company in the right direction as the most sought-after provider of rail cars.


Greg J Aziz philosophy

James Aziz firmly believes in treating his employees as team leaders and maintaining proper work relationships with the company suppliers to make it big in the manufacturing industry. He believes in keeping a tradition of achievements worth noticing, and it is this belief that has seen the company honored with the TTX SECO award continuously. He is also a firm believer of maintaining a profitable company while taking an uncompromising stand in quality products. It is this philosophy that sets him on a pedestal as an icon not only to be admired but emulated.


More about Gregory Aziz

He obtained his economics degree in Western University. He believes that a good business excels by listening to customer demands because they are the ultimate decision makers. He is confident that a happy client sets a company apart and raises the excellence bar. He sits in two boards, at National Steel Car and National Industries Inc., where he provides visionary input drawing from his rich experience. He is also the CEO in both companies; a leadership mantle he takes seriously, something that has paid off handsomely. He is an exemplary leader that steers his leadership mantle honestly and takes his job with the seriousness it deserves.


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