Here are important things that you need to learn about American Institute of Architects (AIA).

American Institute of Architects popularly known as AIA is a United States based organization. This organization focuses on architects and their activities. In 1857, a group of 13 architects came together and founded AIA. Their focus was to raise the scientific and practical standards of the members involved. The architects who were among the pioneer group include Jacob Wrey, Calvert Vaux, Henry Dudley, Richard Upjohn and several others. Their headquarters are located in Washington DC.

This group of architects held a meeting on February 23rd, 1875. Other professional architects were invited to share their ideas with the group. The meeting came up with a constitution that had by laws as for March 10th 1857. During that period, the company still held its original name, New York Society of Architects.

The company was doing well in the market and as time went by, more cities sent requests asking if they could join. Numerous chapters had been introduced and by 1880s, several cities could join the institution. They included San Francisco, St. Louis, Indianapolis, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Chicago, Washington Dc, Boston, and Albany.

A competition was held in 1960. It was meant to get the best design for the AIA Washington Headquarters. Mitchel won the competition but unfortunately, the design was rejected by US of Fine Arts. The Architects Collaborative was given the task to re-design the building, which was completed by 1973.

The building was renamed to American Center of Architecture. It is the host of American Institute of Architects Students, National Architecture Accrediting Board and the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture.

The American Institute of Architects is a home for over 90,000 architects as well as other professionals that are closely related to architecture. Every member of AIA ensures that the services they offer to the clients are as per the ethical and professional standards. This is the tactic the company uses to earn trust from their clients. The AIA incorporates five membership levels. They are as follows; Architect membership, Associate membership, International associate members, Emeritus members and Allied members. Every member in the mentioned levels has varying responsibilities.

The architects working under AIA are involved in numerous architectural projects. They have taken part in making national decisions that affect their profession and other professions that are associated with architecture. They advise the community on why good designs for structures are important. These among other tasks have earned the company several awards including Architecture Firm Award, Associates Award, and Institute honor awards. Read more about AIA at Wikipedia.

Robert Ivy is the CEO of American Institute of Architects. He took over the position in 2011. He holds a Masters Degree in Architecture from the prestigious Tulane University. In addition, he studied Bachelors of Arts in English at The University of South Africa. He once worked for Mc-Graw Hill Construction. He continues to use his skills to push AIA to greater heights.

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