Hussain Sajwani: Resilient and Persistent People Are Great Achievers

Hunger for the objective and passion are some of the great attributes anyone desiring to thrive in an endeavor should have. Without determination, it’s hard to fuel motivation. Passionate people are determined to march towards their goal irrespective of the opposing factors. Hussain Sajwani is one man who can elaborate this more comprehensively since it summarizes his career journey. Passion and determination have made Hussain a titan in the real estate industry. He believes that challenges shouldn’t deter one from achieving what they desire in life no matter how long it may take. Looking at his career journey, it’s evident that you cannot achieve most of the business objectives overnight.

According to, Hussain encourages the young entrepreneurs not to shrink when the obstacles come their way. If he fled from obstacles, he couldn’t be the DAMAC owner today. He says obstacles are meant to make one stronger and inspire growth that wouldn’t be if everything was just smooth. His humble background didn’t deter him from accomplishing the much he has accomplished today. Hussain Sajwani asserts that your background doesn’t have anything to do with what you intend to accomplish in any endeavor, especially in the business world. His father, Ali Sajwani, lived in the Middle East and he took Hussain, his son, in his shop like a junior employee.

Although he wasn’t earning much from the shop, he took advantage of its environment to familiarize himself with the business atmosphere. It didn’t take long for the DAMAC owner to grasp the business tactics his father had. He even learned to execute business tasks professionally and with much diligence. He also learned how to maintain skillful and hospitable customer services. Hussain was in charge of the retail shop activities since his father frequently traveled to China to get more supplies. It was a good platform for Hussain Sajwani to develop business leadership traits while still young.

Changing one’s mind about something is acceptable. Hussain had earlier desired to do medicine, but he later changed his mind. He wasn’t passionate about it, and that’s why the course became a bit complicated for him. He left his country and went to America to pursue a degree in economics. He also felt compelled to do engineering. He knew he would be competitive in the career world with these two courses. Despite all the odds that came his way, Hussain Sajwani has become a revolutionary figure and one of the wealthiest entrepreneurs in the real estate industry.

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