Kevin Seawright – A Man Who Better’s Communities

Kevin Seawright can well be described as a skilled business management professional who has a vast experience in the financial and banking industry for over 14 years. Seawright is considered to be a leader in businesses with his expertise in financial management for local government agencies.

When Seawright talks about caring for the organizations that support the community he agrees that they are important and is now even on a more important task on involving himself in the organizations in order to be impactful and strengthen the communities.

Kevin Seawright worked as the finance director of Baltimore’s department of housing from 2002 through 2003, After this he then worked as the chief financial and facilities officer of Baltimore’s department of recreation in the span of 2003 to 2005.

According to PR Newswire, Kevin Seawright then worked as deputy chief of operations for Baltimore Public Schools from 2005 through 2011. Because he was deputy chief of operations Seawright was responsible for managing the public school’s systems for more than 8000 students.

Due to Seawright’s expertise in using Human Resouce Information Systems, which lead to his excellence and experience useing computers for staff information, scheduling, as well as attendance for both the students and staff.

After working for Baltimore Public Schools Seawright was awarded several awards for his hard work and determination for helping and consistently putting all of his work into his community.

Because of this award Seawright believes in cities , and would love to work with the community in order to revitalize the city, because he is most passionate about fixing organizations and fixing the cities which need help.

Kevin Seawright has used his financial expertise to better communities all over the East Coast. Now he works as a Executive Vice President & Chief Financial of Newark Economic Development Corporation.

Through this he helps cities and communities all of over the east coast which he loves and enjoys doing for the people who live in these areas.

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