Krishen Iyer Successful Life

Krishen Iyer is recognized as the man behind the establishment of Managing Benefits Services which is a firm that primarily majors in the areas of health insurance, dental insurance marketing, leads, and consultation services. This company is based in Fresno, and it has currently grown and expanded to Southern California.


Managing Benefits Services is still looking forward to offering lead management and consultation services. Krishen Iyer pursued his education in San Diego State University. He is widely recognized and highly honored for his entrepreneurial skills and his extensive experience, exposure, and professionalism in various fields such as digital marketing, technical development, and client relations.


Krishen Iyer has been in California for quite a long time. Apart from his California residency, he is also recognized as an incredible reader and an avid traveler who greatly fond of dedicating his leisure time local services that comprises beautification community projects. He is also the certified owner of Iyer Real Estate Co. Additionally, Krishen is great philanthropy who devotes some of his effort in the development of philanthropic activities in conjunction with his privately owned companies. Among the things that he loved includes his God, his Wife, his Children, family, finance, astrology, learning, patient people, working, Curious people, and people that never give up.


Krishen Iyer is also an outspoken person and never feared rare interviews. He was once hosted for interviews by PRNewswire to share about his success and life experiences. When he was asked about his favorite book, he said that was generally not sure about books. However, he noted that he dramatically likes reading about space and space travel. He also pointed that he is a great reader of financial topics. His favorite includes Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffet, Peter Lynch and much more. When he was asked about his favorite food, he stated that he loves fresh healthy food and Indian food. He also noted that he would soon try vegetarian.

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