Rick Shinto: Prolific HealthCare expert

InnovaCare Health is a recognized healthcare provider in the Northern American region. It also operates Puerto Rico’s major health project. Since the inception, the healthcare plans have accumulated up to 200,000 members who are accommodated by a large number of service providers.

InnovaCare operates on the values of dedication to providing quality health care services and an unwavering commitment to maintaining strong relationships with the patients and their provider’s services. It is also part of Medicaid Advantage and runs the two healthcare plans under the Puerto Rican government health system. These programs have dynamically changed how the people access and pay for healthcare. InnovaCare uses an innovative care model through the provider networks and advanced technology to reach their vast client base with affordable health care plans.

Dr. Richard Shinto is the incumbent President and Chief Executive Officer. He is endowed with over two decades of experience in influenced health care.

He was the former Aveta Inc CEO and later moved to join the prolific InnovaCare. He has also served as Chief Medical Officer (CMO) at NAMM California; COO and CMO at Medical Pathways Management Company and Corporate VP of Medical Management within MedPartners.

Rick Shinto received an award for the Ernst &Young Entrepreneur of the Year in recognition for his extraordinary professional performance and success in financial innovation and undeterred commitment to providing quality services. Rick also received the Access to Caring Award. Read more about Rick Shinto at intelius.com.

InnovaCare highlighted the addition of new management team members. Penelope Kokkinides Jonathan Meyers and Mike Sorti who assumed the position of Chief Administrative Officer, Chief Actuary Officer and Chief Accounting Officer respectively.

Rick Shinto praised Penelope Kokkinides’ diverse skill set that compromises of a high level of professional diligence, technical know-how, and leadership skills. She has a wealth of experience with a specific prowess in government based healthcare products. Read this article at Open Minds.

She previously worked at a senior level position at Centerlight HealthCare. She was tasked with structuring and implementing health models that improve the company’s overall mode of operation, infrastructure, and effectiveness to its clients.

With a view of reforming payment structures, InnovaCare Health partnered with the HHS Initiative which provides a healthcare payment Learning and Action Network. The partnership between the public and private sectors seeks to establish a payment model that concentrates on quality in the U.S health system.

InnovaCare Health provides a platform that avails affordable and innovative healthcare solutions to its members.

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  1. No doubt when it comes to health matters, InnovaCare Health is a great place in North America. At InnovaCare Health, they provide quality health care services and an unwavering commitment to maintaining strong relationships with the patients and their provider’s services. No surprise, essay on time gave a fantastic review about this hospital and their services. Most awesome is their mode of payment.

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