Securus Technologies Documents How Its Services Help Prevent Crime

Securus Technologies is a company that is not afraid of feedback. In fact, it welcomes comments. If they make a mistake, they want to correct it. If they can improve, they want to do that as well.


Therefore, they welcome public comments on how their technologies help prevent crime, including inmate-on-inmate crime, in the United States. They recently published a collection of the positive and helpful comments they received on this subject.


According to Richard A. Smith, Secarus Technologies Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, the company comes out with a new product or service that helps to prevent crime on the average of once a week. That’s a great record.


Therefore, they receive thousands of letters and emails thanking them from inmates, parolees and their families.


Sometimes the criminal is not locked up in the jail, but working there. The first comment from a law enforcement official says they used the information Secarus gave them to obtain a search warrant against corrupt prison staff employee. They were arrested, and caught with contraband they were helping to smuggle into the prison.


Another testimonial says Securus told them about a covert alert feature. This helped them complete an investigation and take a suspect into custody.


One of Secarus’s great technologies is LBS software. According to just one sheriff’s department, the LBS software has helped them recover millions of dollars in illegal assets. That’s drugs not sold on the street and cash that can help relieve the taxpayers. Another law enforcement statement says the LBS software alone is worth the cost of hiring Secarus Technologies. That, along with Investigator Pro, makes Secarus the best jail phone provider in the country.


Secarus Technologies invites all law enforcement agencies and correctional facility providers to tour their Technology Center in Dallas, Texas. That’s especially true if you are still a customer of one of their competitors.


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