Securus Technologies – Keeping Crime Rate Low in Communities and Prison

Securus Technologies is a company that both prisoners, as well as the law enforcement agencies, trust with the eyes closed. The company launched into the field of inmate communication and criminal justice technology field in the year 1986, and now is the leading provider of technology-oriented services in the field. The company continues to work towards bettering the lives of the inmates as well as the law enforcement officials by offering them technology oriented products and services that help them with their respective concerns. It helps the prisoners to communicate with their friends and relatives while it helps the law enforcement officials to work efficiently and safely.


Securus Technologies has close to 600 patents, and it continues to research intensely in the field of prison communication and crime prevention. The company aims at building technology that can help reduce the crime rate in the communities and help the law enforcement officials to perform their duty safely. As per the reports, the inmate on inmate crimes has dropped considerably in the prisons where the Securus Technologies’ services are used. At present, more than 2,600 correctional facilities and prisons use the products and services of Securus Technologies. In the future, this number is going to rise considerably as the company aims to branch out across the country, and overseas as well.


Many companies showcase the love they receive from their customers through press releases, and it is what the Securus Technologies did recently as well. It receives many letters from the law enforcement officials on a regular basis, and in published parts of these letters in a media release online. It showed what the law enforcement personnel feel about the services offered by Securus Technologies and how it is proving to be a significant advantage for the law enforcement officials. I am a police officer with ten years experience, and I have arrested a dozen criminals with the help of Securus Technologies’ services.


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