Siteline Cabinetry Offers more Options for Their Custom Designs

The construction options available from Siteline Cabinetry were recently highlighted in an online article. As a company that specializes in making cabinets for the home, the article discussed the methods and materials used to create cabinets that would compliment any kitchen. The ability of Siteline to custom create cabinets, allows them to present their clients with new and innovative designs that go beyond the expectations of their everyday needs. Their customization includes the size, shape and style of a cabinet as well as its finish.

Rather than working with prefabricated cabinets that come from warehouses, the team at Siteline Cabinetry designs every unit they construct from the bottom up. This allows them to make the type of cabinets that function and look great in any style of interior design. The finishes available for the doors on their cabinets include both matte and gloss as well as a wide range of beautiful wood stains and paints. They also offer a large selection of materials, which include various types of wood and metal.

When creating new cabinets for a homeowner’s kitchen, the professionals at Siteline use an 8-step process to ensure every cabinet is constructed to their client’s exact specifications. This process begins with a personal consultation designed to assess the needs of those who will be using the cabinets. This agency also goes over the financial arrangements for the project to establish a well thought out budget. After matching a client with a designer who understands their needs, the design and construction of their cabinets begins.

As a full-service cabinet making company, the team at Siteline Cabinetry can create units for bathrooms, laundry rooms and recreation rooms as well as for kitchens. They are also capable of creating cabinets for homes undergoing renovations, such as those that are being restored to the look of a former time period. Since all of their cabinets are made to order, they have the ability to design them for any type of space available. This allows them to offer an unlimited amount of options, which includes the addition of many useful interior components such as drawer dividers.

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