The Businessman Hussain Sajwani

Everything great in life has a humble beginning and no matter where you start you will always reach your goals if you have guts and the tenacity to push yourself. This is clearly illustrated by Hussain Sajwani who is the director of DAMAC Company.

To start Hussain Sajwani started his career when his firm offered food services to the American Troops during the time of operation Desert Storm. It was during the first Iraq war in the year 1991. According to, he worked with Americans and until he was accorded a good name and reputation. These have made him work with the army in many locations such as Somalia, Bosnia and other established American companies. As he progressed with his life, he expanded his business but still retained his food business, and he incorporated into the DAMAC Group Operations.

Hussain Sajwani and his companies have ventured into a couple and series of business. They have worked with a couple of companies starting with the food industry in which the United States Army contracted him. He had previously supplied catering amenities to companies in the energy segment. In the year 2002, the company ventured into the real estate business where they started building a range of developments and gaining market favors antagonistically.

A relationship in the business world is one of the vital factors to consider and to succeed one needs a healthy relation. Hussain Sajwani has an amicable relationship with Donald Trump that extends further deeper till to the family members. The two combined their efforts, and the two established two Trump-branded golf courses in Dubai, where the superfluity villas have racked up virtually to $ 2 billion in transactions.

The DAMAC Company is based in the United Arab Emirates, and they work with property developments, marketing of products like luxury apartments and golf course projects in association with Donald Trump. The company has been build up from the food company that has grown through Hussain Sajwani connections with the right people.

DAMAC properties and the Hussain Sajwani have helped in campaigns to clothe millions of the unclothed children globally. Other than clothing mission, the DAMAC launched a program DAMAC Maison which will provide commissioned facilities to residents in 7,957 serviced boardinghouse rooms.

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