The Chainsmokers Share Experience and Story World with Fans

“Closer” Featuring Halsey

Recently, the Chainsmokers released “Closer,” which was highly-anticipated, and at the same time, introduced a new performing artist into the feature family of the Chainsmoker s, Halsey. It was Andrew Taggart, who was the featured performer on this single, unlike “Rose,” and “Don’t Let Me Down.” In most performance groups, especially pop, country, blues, and Jazz, the major artist leads performing their songs.

EDM DJs have traditionally stayed behind their console without getting into production. Producing lyrics and music has not traditionally been the case with EDM and what has become known as EDM-Pop. It is the drive to shape and express a new and unique voice as well as give a new message to their music that the Chainsmokers have chosen to get out from behind their EDM consoles and sing their lyrics and tell their own story.

Interview On Style

In a recent interview for Andy Warhol’s Interview by Mathias Rosenzweig, Alex Pall expressed the need at present to develop the Chainsmokers style and message. This ability to share intimate details with their fans allows the Chainsmokers to share with others their experiences as artists as well as a unique experience in sound and story.

In short, the Chainsmokers want their fans to come to know them as having real thoughts and feelings that that change and not as faceless music that has no relational depth. Adam Pall calls this kind of relating experience as “weaving intimacy into a genre that is too often sterile and void of emotion.” Self-identity seemed to be the first thoughts on the mind of the young duo when Rosenzweig sat down with them in his recent interview, especially in the light of their plans to evolve as their audience becomes more focused on knowing who they are as a group.

Concepts and Experience

Alex Pall made it known pretty clearly in his recent interview with Mathias Rosenzweig and Andy Warhol’s Interview that one of the critical and most important elements of the Chainsmoker sound is a unique voice and story that make bridge the link between fan and artist. Self-identity can only come about when Pall and Taggart put their experience in the lyrics they sing and the individual world that opens up for the listener. While the Chainsmokers are developing and refining their unique voice and sound they are moving towards sharing more emotional content with their fans by providing them with their unique world vision and interpretation interweaved in their sound and lyrics.

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