Whitney Wolfe: Founder and CEO of Bumble

Whitney Wolfe: Founder and CEO of Bumble

For the last four years, bumble app has been able to turn around the dating scope by customarily putting women first. This implies that a woman must start any dating undertakings in this application. Whitney Wolfe Herd, the former co-founder at the Tinder, founded bumble app in 2014. Today, bumble app has recorded more than 500 million of the brilliant moves and has a value that it approximately above $1 billion. Similarly, this application has expanded its service to come up with a poised career networking for the users. Besides coming up with the initial dating platform for women as well as a networking landscape for other users, bumble has also gained significant attention from the trend-stars for the commitment of its female workers. Read more about Whitney Wolfe at Wikipedia

Whitney Wolfe face threats after banning Guns on the Networking and Dating App

The founder of the bumble app, Whitney Wolfe has shared what she went through after she prohibited images of guns in the networking and dating apps. To this end, Wolfe together with her affiliates received unweaving threats after the announcement of their new policies went viral in March according to a report on The Cut. This resolution came soon after one of the most infamous shooting incidents in the parkland, Florida. She spoke of these threated in one of the panel’s talks held at Cannes when she was having a conversation with the chief content executive at the Hearst magazine, Joanna Coles. “These were among the most frightening moment in my life as we constantly received threatens through emails saying that they were coming for us” Wolfe Explained.

Whitney Wolfe opts for Alternative Security Measure after the Neo-Nazi Web publications.

Whitney the bumble CEO is now forced to be in a company of fulltime bodyguard according to details offered on one of her interviews with the Times. This move follows a cyber-attack where the neo-Nazi has published a list of phone numbers and photos of staff at bumble entities, encouraging the public to bully them. Thankfully, the FBI came to their rescue and took down the website. However, Whitney is still forced to have bodyguards around to eradicate any fear of the unknown.

Read more: https://www.businessinsider.com/bumble-ceo-whitney-wolfe-herd-travels-with-bodyguard-after-nazi-issue-2018-6

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